Process Counselling emerged from a three year training led by Jungian Psychotherapist David Roomy at Langara College. Process Counselling follows the wisdom of the individual or couple’s unfolding process. Dave is a graduate of the program and went on to be part of the teaching staff at Langara. He is the current president of the Process Counselling Society.


Rather than a formal training, Voice Dialogue or the “Psychology of The Selves & Aware Ego Process” is a conscious awareness model and more of an apprenticeship program.  It is recommended by the elders of the community that it is best to study with many different teachers and most of all to develop a more Aware Ego process over time. This happens naturally as one learns to access the awareness to stand in relation to the opposites within oneself.  Some of the methods of developing an Aware Ego process are by being facilitated yourself, doing journaling and dream work etc. All of one’s previous training and psycho/spiritual practice contributes to this process. So far, Dave has taken training up to Level III and had sessions with Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone, senior Voice Dialogue teachers J’aime ona Pangaia and Hogan Bays & Chosen Bays, Co-Abbots of the Great Vow Zen Buddhist monastery.  He also gets facilitated regularly by other practitioners and studies the available teachings. In July 2006 he assisted in a Voice Dialogue retreat at Hollyhock Retreat Center on Cortez Island, BC with J’aime Ona Pangaia and other senior practitioners.


Dave is a Certified Raphaelite Work hands on healing practitioner having graduated from the required four-year training. His mentor/trainer was Himayat Inayati THD who is the founder of this work and was the international head of the Sufi Healing Order at the time.


Dave is a Certified Belief Closet Facilitator also known as Clear Your Beliefs Facilitator having graduated from a training program with the founder Lion Goodman. This elegant method uses the participants’ active imagination process to transform limiting beliefs to more healthy empowering ones. This method is useful for uprooting core beliefs that have become a distorted filter that negatively colors ones’ experience. It lends itself well to working over the telephone or Skype and can be easily learned as a tool for the participant to use independently.


Dave has been fortunate to learn from spiritual teachers of many different traditions. His orientation is to cultivate an integrative process that honors the essence of the world’s nondual sacred traditions while integrating the insights offered from psychotherapy and relationships. Dave prefers a psychospiritual awareness perspective that can hold the tension of the opposites, so that one can cultivate more conscious freedom of choice. Over time this may lead to the maturity of individuation and living more respectfully on the earth with all sentient beings. Each person is unique and has in essence what is referred to in Voice Dialogue as a “psychic fingerprint” or “soul’s code” so their path will also be unique. If you are presently unaware of your life’s purpose or are suffering from lack of meaning, Dave’s hope is that together we can assist you in the awakening of what is a meaningful perspective for your life’s direction.

For over 20 years Dave has received guidance and training with Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Senior Sufi teacher Thomas Atum O’Kane. This culminated in his completion of a two-year training program with him through Hollyhock called “the Art of Spiritual Guidance.” Dave also assisted Atum for another two years in the next Spiritual Guidance training program. Training with Atum is ongoing. Dave also leads meditation groups and is devoted to practicing regularly to evolve in consciousness. This assists him to see life as sacred practice & play.

InterSpiritual Mentoring – Dave is certified as an InterSpiritual Mentor with The Spiritual Paths Institute ( As an InterSpiritual Mentor he helps seekers align their spiritual path to their unique learning style. Fees are $85 US or $120 Can for one hour.

Inner Compass Multidimentional Awakening Practice (ICMAP) – Dave is available by phone, Skype or in person to facilitate this multidimensional experience to help individuals, couples or groups awaken and deepen their experience. $120 for 60 minutes, $180 for 90 minutes or $220 for 120 minutes.

Natural Gifts Assessment: Dave is a Natural Gifts Guide and mentor. He offers an Assessment for you to discover your top 4-6 Natural Gifts. For more information Identify Your Natural Gifts

Meaning and Purpose Process: Dave offers a six hour facilitated process to help you determine your Essential Qualities and Natural Gifts for cultivating more meaning and purpose. For more information Meaning And Purpose Process

CPCA (Canadian Professional Counsellors Association)

As a member of this association Dave is certified as a Registered Professional Counsellor. For the safety of his clients Dave is required to have competency based training upgraded yearly, a criminal record check, and to carry professional liability insurance.

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