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My book and ebook can be ordered online in the US at Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Evolving+Soulfully?_requestid=6474462

In Canada my book and ebook is available online at Chapters/Indigo Books: https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/home/search/?keywords=Evolving%20Soulfully#internal=1 and in Vancouver at Banyen Books.

Bookstores can order directly from Ingram Distributors for their usual discount.

Praise for Evolving Soulfully:

“Evolving Soulfully is an enjoyable weave of story, poetry, philosophy, psychology and ancient wisdom!”

Christine J. Elsay, PhD; Associate Professor of anthropology and sociology and author of The Poetics of Land & Identity among British Columbia Indigenous Peoples

“Reading Evolving Soulfully felt like a soulful conversation with a wonderful friend who is sharing from his heart the wisdom gathered on his journey. Dave’s naturalness is his unique gold. His writing invited me to deeply relax and open to some soul soothing insights that feel so approachable. The examples he shares from his life resonate with our essential human experiences so that we immediately recognize we are on a shared journey.”

Thomas Atum O’Kane PhD; is a senior teacher in the Sufi Order International and the Founder of the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School

“Dave is a wise, inspiring, good-hearted person, and with such a creative approach that his new book, Evolving Soulfully, promises to follow suit with those personal qualities I have known him to have.”

David Roomy, Author of Inner Journey To Sacred Places

“Dave offers up this contribution from his own travels in depth exploration. Within it is a sacred call to embrace a framework, a sequential map and clear steps for the journey of soulful living. This is clearly well written; it offers both information, and very practical guidance in the movement from our sense of individual separation to the interpersonal and the sacred. A gentle and substantial contribution to the field of psychological healing and spiritual transformation. Well worth both its initial reading and as an ongoing reference and practice guide through time.”

Ian Macnaughton Ph.D., is a registered clinical counsellor and editor of Embodying the Mind & Minding the Body

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